What is the bembu service subscription?

The bembu GPS-Watch is working in the common 2G GSM mobile carrier. So, your emergency watch is 24h available and can send an emergemcy call at any time and at any place.
For this reason our bembu GPS-Watch PRO uses a built-in simcard. The bembu Servicepauschale is the service fee for this simcard. This combination brings various advantages for your safety.

  • Use your watch in EU without any additional costs!
  • Always use the best carrier available for maximum reliability!
  • Always available with automatically renewing subscription model! No effort for making manual payments.
  • Cheaper than common mobile contracts!

You can pick one of two plans. Montly plan for maximum flexibility or annual payment for cheapest pricing. You can choose! All plans will be automatically renewed and can be cancelled at any time.


Bembu Servicefee  48,00€ / year

This cheap plan is perfect for long term usage (only 4€ / month).
This plan will be renewed automatically and can be cancelled at all time!



Bembu Servicefee  6,00€ / month

This plan is perfect for maximum flexibility.
This plan will be renewed automatically and can be cancelled at all time!